Monday, June 8, 2009

What is Social Media?

Everyone has a unique relationship with technology. Whether you’re the first iPhone user on your block or unsure of how to properly use the word “tweet” in a sentence (or likely somewhere in between) – most would agree that online tools and other technologies are rapidly changing the way people communicate.

Social media tools stand at the forefront of the latest in online communication and organization. Ranging from popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to training tools such as webinars, and collaborative tools such as wikis, social media encourages online dialogue and participation in the hopes that it will yield offline results.

While we haven’t found one, universally recognized definition of social media, we like what the Corporation for National and Community Service has to say about it:

Social media, social networking, Web 2.0... there are many names for it, but the
important thing to know is that the phenomenon of people interacting and
contributing online is not going away. This is the new way many people use the
web and it opens up exciting new doors for all of us.

As NeighborWorks® prepares for the upcoming social media symposium, we refer to social media as web-based tools that allow users to generate content and interact with each other by sharing information, opinions, documents, photos, videos and interests. Some of the more popular uses of social media tools are for social networking, blogging, and video and photo sharing.

Still not sure what we mean by social media? Check out this great video by the clever folks at common craft. i3yswapghf

Already using social media? Comment below and tell us what tools you're using.

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